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Mungi Voice: Affordable VoIP Service

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the latest technology of transmitting voice signals over a digital network, or Internet in simple terms. It is an advanced and more efficient telephone service that uses high-speed internet connection. In VoIP, your calls are transmitted via the Internet rather than the traditional telephone line.

VoIP Advantages over Traditional Telephone Lines

VoIP has many advantages over the plain old telephone system, known in short as POTS. 

VoIP has lower transmission costs than POTS. This is because with VoIP it is possible to compress data packets and send more information over the network. More dynamic routing to others routes if the selected route is unavailable. VoIP works across all types of networks and with all IP enabled devices such as Android and iPhone or iPad smartphones and tablets.

Compared to traditional telephone lines, VoIP is faster. Calls are connected and signals are transmitted faster in VoIP. You can even integrate VoIP with other means of communication such as audio streaming and video conferencing. Best of all, you don’t need additional lines to use VoIP because it runs on computer connections.

It is expected that VoIP will replace the conventional telephone service in the near future. All you need to have to enjoy the benefits of VoIP is an enabled device and high-speed internet connection. The problem, however, is how to access a reasonably priced high-speed internet connection.

The Solution: Mungi Voice

Mungi Voice is our latest VoIP product that gives customers the ability to make unlimited local, national, and mobile calls with much ease. With Mungi Voice, you can make and receive landline calls straight from a mobile app or from your VoIP adapter.

At Mungi, we believe in not only giving you lightning fast internet speeds but making VoIP services as cheap and reliable as possible too. We strive to give our clients affordable monthly subscription plans that include VoIP services. We provide low prices without comprising quality and value.

Mungi Voice uses the latest VoIP technology to ensure that you get the best sound quality and fast uninterrupted calls whether you are calling local or national numbers. Thanks to Mungi Internet, which gives you fair priced internet plans with great value for money, you can now enjoy unlimited local and national calls to mobile numbers with fast connections and crystal clear sound quality.

To get the benefits of Mungi Voice, you’ll have to first subscribe to any one of the National Broadband Network (nbnTM) plans provided by Mungi Internet. Mungi Voice services include unlimited local, national, 1800, 1300, and mobile calls.

You’ll be required to have a DVA-2800 modem, Mungi VoiceBox, or any other compatible hardware to use Mungi Voice calling services.

Contact our friendly Australian support team for more information about Mungi Voice. The team is always ready and willing to answer any question or concern you may have.