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Australian Customer Support

When a potential customer decides to look for a new broadband provider, the main reason is usually due to poor customer service provided by the previous telco. Customers are likely to run into issues ranging from billing problems to technical difficulties and will often seek assistance from the company’s support team. Nothing feels as frustrating as trying to reach your provider’s customer care team unsuccessfully when your broadband connection goes down.

A good provider understands the importance of having an active customer support team to assist customers and resolve their problems as fast as possible, preferably immediately after the first contact. At Mungi customers have direct access to  Australian customer support team who are ready to provide any type of assistance to a problem, question, or concern they may have.

Lightning fast internet backed by excellent customer support

Mungi customers not only benefit from having lightning fast National Broadband Network’s plans that come with great value and unlimited data but also get Australian customer support. We support teams provide technical and other service-related assistance such as new customer registration, connection queries, referral information, billing problems or queries, and much more.

An efficient ticket system with fast response

A good company with an efficient support system has a detailed knowledge base section where you can find an answer to commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question in the knowledge base, you can always submit a ticket in the appropriate section of the company’s ticket system, which will be responded to as soon as possible.

At Mungi, you have a wide range of departments to submit your ticket to depending on the nature of your question. There is a section for general inquiries for general questions, a customer care section for billing and service issues, a reseller and affiliate care section where you can sign up as a reseller or earn a bonus by referring friends and family, a general feedback section where you can post any complaint or compliments you may have about the company’s services, and a support department specially dedicated to checking credit applications. The well-organized ticket system ensures that your questions go to an appropriate department where it is professionally handled and promptly responded to.   

Australian homegrown broadband company

Headquartered in Melbourne, Mungi is a 100% Australian owned broadband company staffed by Australians. Unlike other companies that outsource their customer support tasks too far away countries, Mungi has a team of friendly Australian customer care staff who understand the Internet needs and challenges faced by Australians.

It’s our policy that customers should always come first. This is why, besides excellent active customer support, the company offers great internet plans that don’t come with binding contracts and never charge setup fees, relocation fees or cancellation fees.

All this is done to ensure that the customer’s interests are well taken care of.

If you are looking for an Australian broadband network run by Australians with an efficient Australian customer support staff, then Mungi is your best option.      


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